Why Get a Massage? Why Not?
Massage does many things for the body. Increased energy and alertness, relief from muscle aches and pain, it improves circulation and can give you a more restful sleep. If you have been injured or ill it can enhance your recovery and give you a more positive outlook. What it does for everyone is it gives greater relaxation and inner peace. Another question frequently asked is "How often should I get a massage?" Well, the ultimate would be once a day. There aren't many people however who have the time or money to do this. Once a week would be fantastic, every two weeks great, and once a month might keep you on track. The need for a more frequent massage can be altered by stress, injury or the type of work you do.

What Do I Wear During a Massage?

If you've never had a massage you might have questions about the level of clothing that is needed. This is a personal choice. You will Always be covered by a sheet, just like when you go to bed. The limb being massaged is uncovered and then covered again when moving on. If undressing is uncomfortable for you, you could choose chair massage which requires no undressing. The body is sacred and we always treat it as such. You will never feel embarrassed or exposed. We custom create a massage for you according to the needs of your body. Let us custom create one for you!

Signature Massage $75.00
This is the ultimate in body therapy and relaxation. We combine all the knowledge of multiple therapies and give it to you in this ultimate massage package.

Hot Stone Massage $90.00
The stones heat & relax the tension while we rub it away! A truly relaxing experience.

Deep Tissue $85.00
A specialized massage for contracted tissue.

Hit the Spot $40.00
A full half hour of therapy designed to relieve tension in your choice of locations.

Reflexology $50.00
A massage for the feet. Includes a 10-minute foot bath in custom sea salts, followed by a special massage designed to stimulate the bodies immune system.

Chair Massage $1.00 / per minute
This can come to your office! A massage without the need to undress, focusing on the back, neck, and shoulders.

Massage Pricing  
1 Hour $75.00
1.5 Hours $100.00    
2 Hours $125.00    

(For returning clients we offer a package of four 1 hour massage for $280.00)