Discover Prenatal Knowledge
Why nurture yourself during pregnancy? Pregnancy treatments focus on the special needs of the mother,
as her body changes and approaches the childbirth experience. Joints loosen, fluids increase and
muscles spasm and cramp. Skin also changes sometimes becoming more oily, sometimes less hydrated. Understanding what is happening and having someone to share knowledge with you is a key to understanding what you do and don't have control over. All of us have experience and knowledge in the different phases of pregnancy and look forward to supporting you through this wonderful journey to motherhood!

The Glow Signature Facial $75.00
This personalized facial will cleanse, exfoliate and rehydrare your skin, promoting increased circulation
and a reduction in water retention. Focusing on the special needs of the pregnant woman.  {60 minutes}

Purity Glow Facial $80.00
A ultrasonic cleanse that immediately retexrurizes and restores skin suppleness. This facial address's the needs
of pregnancy related acne. Removes excess oils perfecting that pregnant glow!

Daddy's Delight $85.00
Designed to meet the needs of a man's skin and to nurture his soul. Deep pore cleansing, hydration and
brow grooming leave you at your best.

A Star Is Born Prenatal Massage $80.00
This is our specialty! We know how to relieve the discomfort of pregnancy with a special table that allows
you to lay face down with special support for the baby.

Foot Fetish $50.00
Don't have time for the whole hour and your feet are killing you? We can soak that stress away, massage the swollen feet wrap them in parrafin and make them feel new again!

Belly Casting $75.00
Preserve your pregnant form in all it's glory. We can preserve this moment in time forever!

Classic Back Treatment from $60.00
An enzyme exfoliation that includes a deep clean, extractions and a rehydrating massage on a special table
where you can lay face down. Especially helpful for that acne breakout associated with increased hormones.

Facial Waxing   Body Waxing  
Brow Wax $15.00 Bikini $30.00
Brow Shape $25.00 Brazilian $60.00
Lip or Chin Wax $10.00 Underarm $20.00
Cheek Wax $30.00 Half/Full Leg $40/$65
Full Face $65.00 Chest $50.00 & up
    Back $30.00 & up